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At Wildcat Search Group, we do the legwork so that when you’re face-to-face with a candidate you know the person behind the resume. We get to know the candidates before they get to you. We strive to ask the right questions, then listen. Our goal is to present you with the people who align with your values and who will stick around for the long-term. We never oversell the candidate, so you can decide who the best fit is culturally.


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  • We don’t take on searches we can’t fill.
  • We save you time by bringing a select number pre-vetted candidates who we believe align with your company’s values.
  • We are transparent, so you can find someone who is truly a cultural fit.
  • We get to know your company over time to help retain talent.
  • We respect your confidentiality and strive to maintain an open relationship based on trust.
  • We keep in touch, so we know where you’re going. We want to be a resource – not a “vendor.”


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At Wildcat Search Group we stay small but think big. We’re always available and serve as a resource to your company’s strategic goals. We’re here to collaborate long-term, not to make a transaction. We want to be your preferred professional search agency, and we know that we’re only as good as the people we place. We have an unmatched retention rate among our competitors.

We want your people to love their job, and for you to trust your people. We’re matching people with people and doing big things in a focused world.