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Wildcat Search Group’s job isn’t to just fill positions – it’s to fit people with people. How do we accomplish that?

Every candidate is different, so we find out how you’re different. We want to get to know you and meet the person behind the resume. Why? Because then we know what you value, what your big picture is, and where you might be a good fit. When the right opportunity comes along, we want to make that perfect match.


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  • We get to know you and we inform you so that you never go to an interview unprepared, and you never meet with a company you wouldn’t want to work for.
  • We keep in touch. Motivations change. Circumstances change. You change. We don’t label people; rather, we get to you and we keep in touch so if you’re not ready now we will know when you are ready to make a move.
  • We make candidates aware of opportunities that meet their individual goals, which helps achieve career objectives
  • We match people with strong companies. We don’t recruit for just anyone. Our clients are ethical, purpose-driven, mission-oriented, and work with us through a relationship built on trust.
  • We hire people who will stick around for a long time.
  • We never oversell the client.


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At Wildcat Search Group, we stay small but we think big. We’re always available and we see ourselves as a constant resource to you in you career goals. We aren’t here just for the transaction – we’re here to collaborate for the long-term.

We hold ourselves accountable and are selective about the companies we place for. For you, this means that when you get to a meeting, we have already done the legwork to assure the company is one worth working for. You will always enter a meeting prepared, so a true conversation can take place. We want you to focus on finding out if you’re the right fit for the company and vice versa. That kind of up-front knowledge takes out the discomfort, calms the nerves and makes for more productive discussions.

We are doing big things in a focused world.